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This series deals with contemporary issues or social problems that are the focus of many communications and sociology courses. Each chapter deals with a specific aspect of a more broad issue, such as Ethical Issues and Public Opinion in the book on Genetics and Genetic Engineering or Crime and Violence in the Schools in the book on Growing up: Issues Affecting America’s Youth. Graphs, charts, histories of the issues, government and legal precedents are concise and readable. Resources at the end of some books in the series lead the reader to additional source material.

Books in Series

Abortion: an eternal social and moral issue HQ 767.5.U5 A2252 2012
AIDS/HIV    RC 607.A26 A5 2012
Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs HV4999.2 .A48 2012
American Economy HC 103.E83 2013
Animal Rights HV 4708.A543 2012
Capital Punishment: cruel and unusual? HV 8699.U5 C298 2012
Careers and Occupations: looking to the future HB 2581.D63 2013
Child Abuse and Domestic Violence HV 6626.52 .E83 2013
Crime, Prisons and Jails HV 6201.C698 2012
Death and Dying: End-of-Life Controversies R 726.A49 2013
Education: Meeting America's Needs? LB 201.E38 2012
Electronic America HM 851.M49 2013
Endangered Species QL 82.E56 2013
Energy: supplies, sustainability, and costs TJ 163.25.E83 2013
Environment--a revolution in attitudes QH 541 .E8 2012
Gambling: What's at Stake? HV 6715 .M48 2013
Genetics and Genetic Engineering QH 430.W49 2012
Growing Old in America HQ 1061 .G76 2012
Growing Up in America: Issues Affecting America's Youth HQ 792 .U5 D63 2011
Gun Control HV 7436.D56 2013
Health and Wellness RA 776 .W45 2013
Health Care System RA 395.A3 W49 2013
Immigration and Illegal Aliens JV 6463 .D63 2012
Minorities: Race and Ethnicity in America E 184 .A1 M56 2011
National Security UA 23.E83 2013
Social Welfare: Fighting Poverty and Homelessness HV 90.D63 2012
Space Exploration: Triumphs and Tragedies TL 791.S65 M37 2013
Sports in America: Recreation, Business, Education, & Controversy GV583.S685914 2012
Water: No Longer Taken for Granted HD 1694 .A5 A48 2012
Weight in America RA 645.O23 W49 2013
Women in American Society HQ 1402 .W652 2012
World Poverty HC 79.P6 A48 2013

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