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Fine Arts Films   Tags: art, filmography  

This is a collection of films which discuss many forms of fine art.
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500 Definitions of Art
Call Number: [VHS] 700.1 F5654
In this interview with Minos Milonas, the definitions, alternating between a male and a female voice, are creatively juxtaposed with hundreds of different artworks, a combination of sound effects, and an imaginative audio soundtrack. The tape draws in people who are already knowledgeable about art, as well as those with little or no artistic experience.

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Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century: Seasons One and Two
Call Number: [DVD] 709.2 A7842
Meet twenty-one diverse contemporary artists through revealing profiles that take viewers behind the scenes into artists' studios, homes, and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, work, sources of inspiration and creative processes. The program is divided into four general themes - place, spirituality, identity and consumption.

Art of the Western World
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 A7845
The film provides a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting and sculpture. It studies the art masterpieces as reflections of the Western culture that produced them.

Artists & Photographers
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 A7913
These ten programs provide a look at the lives and works of artists and photographers.

Guerrillas in our Midst
Call Number: [VHS] 704.042 G9353
Gallery owners comment on the actions of a group of anonymous women artists who call themselves the Guerrilla Girls. Also interviewed are members of the Guerrilla Girls, who, dressed in gorilla masks, work to promote greater representation of women and minority artists in art exhibitions.

Landmarks of Western Art
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2576
This six part series is a journey of art history through the ages. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of art history.

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Masters of Illusion
Call Number: [VHS] 701.8 M4235
The video examines artistic and scientific discoveries of the Renaissance, focusing on the discovery of perspective and the development of visual tools that create the magic of illusion.

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Sister Wendy: the Complete Collection
Call Number: [DVD] 708.9 S6237
This collection contains five disks from the popular television show about art.

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Sister Wendy's American Collection
Call Number: [DVD] 708.1 S6236
Sister Wendy Beckett comes to America for a spectacular tour that blends art, history, culture and storytelling into one delightful experience ... as she guides you through six of America's greatest art museums.


General, by artist


A - E

Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 B1282
This program follows Francis Bacon, widely regarded as the greatest British painter of the twentieth century, from his studio, where he starts work every day at dawn, to his favorite drinking club, and gambling joint in Soho and explores how his way of life affects his vision of the world.

Cover Art
Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 R7613
A bold brilliant artist, Romare Bearden created collages and paintings of stunning humanity in which he aimed to do nothing less than 'to redefine the image of man' in terms of the African-American experience.

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Pierre Bonnard in Search of Pure Colour
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 P6223
This video examines the work of Bonnard through paintings gathered for a major retrospective at the Paris Centre Pompidou. It shows a fascinating glimpse of a seaside outing, the only existing record of the period just before his death.

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The Rotund World of Botero
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 R8513
An insight into the life of Fernando Botero, the artist recalls his early life and travels and demonstrates the difficult techniques of fresco, while working in a church in Piestrasanta, as well as preparing the cast for one of his enormous sculptures.

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Cezanne: the Man and the Mountain
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 C4253
Focusing on the central theme of Cezanne's painting: his fascination with nature and his love-hate relationship with his birthplace, Aix-en-Provence, most specifically the nearby mountain, Sainte Victoire, which he painted repeatedly throughout his life, this video recognizes Cezanne as the "father of modern painting".

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Cezanne
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8572
In his landscape and still-life paintings, Cezanne developed a revolutionary new approach to color and perspective. His influence on 20th century artists was so great that he is now referred to as the Father of Modern Painting.

Marc Chagall
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 M3131
The film explores the life and work of Marc Chagall.

Cover Art
David: the Passing Show
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 D2492
Using a replica of Jacques Louis David's studio, the "newsreel" technique, and a commentary derived from David's own speeches, this film provides a fascinating insight into the man who became, ironically, the virtual dictator of arts in his day.

Cover Art
Degas, the Unquiet Spirit
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 D3172
The film presents many original paintings, drawings and prints to show Degas' favorite settings -- the ballet class, racecourse, railway -- and to explain his innovative use of the camera.

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Degas and the Dance
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 D3173
This video features the paintings, drawings, and sculptures of ballet dancers created by Edgar Degas.

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The Impressionists: Degas
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3441
Profoundly influenced by the Renaissance painters, Hilaire Degas pioneered precision of line and the use of the human form in space within the Impressionist school. A Paris-born pupil of Ingres, Degas produced such masterpieces as Rehearsal of the Ballet and The Cotton Exchange.

De Kooning on de Kooning
Call Number: [VHS] 759.04
This is a portrait of the life of American abstract expressionist painter Willem de Kooning. Still and motion pictures made over his career are interjected into informal conversations with the artist and his wife.

Cover Art
Delacroix the Restless Eye
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 D3325
This film uses the artists own journal to tell the story of Eugene Delacroix, one of France's greatest painters, who was also a passionate lover of music and an accomplished writer.

Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 D8264
Taped interviews and photos of his works help explain Duchamp's various art interests.

A Game of Chess with Marcel Duchamp
Call Number: [VHS] 709.88
This interview at the Pasadena Art Museum was filmed in 1963 in black and white and partially reshot to highlight Duchamp's use of color.

Max Ernst
Call Number: [DVD] 709.2 M4633
Ernst's eclectic nomadic life is traced, from his involvement with the Dadaists in Cologne, his central role in the Surrealist movement in Paris and his retreat to Provence to his flight to America and the desert Southwest and his eventual return to Europe.


General, by artist


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Paul Gauguin, the Savage Dream
Call Number: [VHS] 709.82
The film portrays Gauguin's search for a "savage" alternative to his own culture in the islands of the South Seas

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Gauguin
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8573
Paul Gauguin was 35 when he abandoned his successful career as a Paris stockbroker to devote himself full-time to painting. Though his years as a painter in France, and later in Tahiti, were dominated by poverty and obscurity, his bold use of flat color eventually came to be seen as the work of a post-impressionist master.

Cover Art
Giotto and the Pre-Renaissance
Call Number: [VHS] 709.33
This film discusses the works of the artist Giotto, contrasting the hieratic mood of his predecessors with his innovations. It shows the major cycles of his frescoes, including those at the Upper and Lower Church of San Francesco, Assisi, the Scrovegni family Arena Chapel in Padua, and St. Croce in Florence.

Joseph Goldyne
Call Number: [VHS] 741.08
Through interviews and demonstrations, the video illustrates Goldyne's drawing techniques with color and black pencils and how he creates monotypes and prints.

Cover Art
Arshile Gorky
Call Number: [VHS] 759.02
Exploring the life and work of twentieth-century Armenian-American artist Arshile Gorky through archival footage and photographs, supplemented with readings from his letters and interviews with family and associates. The video shows how his early paintings mirror the pain of his youth as an exile and the later works reflect the influence of modern masters on his style.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 709.32
The film deals with major works of the artist Goya, including his etchings, tapestries, portraits, frescoes, and famous "black paintings," focusing on those in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

El Greco: Spirit of Toledo
Call Number: [VHS] 709.74
This program, filmed on location in Toledo and Venice, shows the settings familiar to El Greco -- his house, the streets, churches and countryside of Toledo -- and traces his beginnings as a Byzantine icon painter in Crete.

Cover Art
Drawing the line: A Portrait of Keith Haring
Call Number: DVD] 759.06 D7677
This videodisc profiles the life and work of Keith Haring, a trendy New York City street artist who died in 1990 of AIDS.

Cover Art
Frida Kahlo
Call Number: [DVD] 920.02 F8983
This is a portrait on the life of the colorful painter.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 709.43
Paintings at a major retrospective at the Paris Centre Pompidou highlight the work of Kadinsky, who painted the first totally abstract painting.

Cover Art
Franz Kline Remembered
Call Number: [VHS] 759.05
This is a film portrait of the late American abstract expressionist painter Franz Kline. Through the use of photographs, period footage, and interviews with fellow artists and friends, the man and his time come to life.

Cover Art
Roy Lichtenstein
Call Number: [DVD] 709.04 R8884
In this profile of American Pop Art, artist Roy Lichtenstein's life and work, Lichtenstein talks about his current work, the Pop Art explosion, and the history of Western art.


General, by artist


Cover Art
Breaking free of the Earth: Kazimir Malevich 1878-1935
Call Number: [VHS] 709.89
Based on the exhibition held at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, 1989, this program documents the exhibition and allows Malevich to reveal his own story, providing viewers with analyses and commentary on his work that is vivid, precise and personal.

Cover Art
Edouard Manet: Painter of Modern Life
Call Number: [VHS] 709.83
The film examines major paintings by Edouard Manet that influenced his contemporaries and changed the definition of later art. It explains the works in the artist's own words and in those of his friends, Zola, Baudelaire, Mallarme, and others.

Cover Art
The Impressionists: Manet
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3442
This episode tells the story of one of the art world's most colorful characters. A true maverick and a highly controversial figure in his day, Edouard Manet became a father figure to the Impressionist movement because of his stand against the restrictions and conventions of the French salon.

Cover Art
Monsieur Rene Magritte
Call Number: [VHS] 709.42
This presentation takes us to the places that filled Monsieur Rene Magritte's imagination and became his favorite subjects.

Cover Art
Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant-Garde
Call Number: [DVD] 709.04 M2665
Man Ray is the quintessential modernist figure: photographer, painter, object maker and collagist, filmmaker and printmaker, poet, essayist and philosopher. Born Emanuel Radnitsky in 1890, he went on to become the leader of the "American avant-garde" and the most enigmatic of the Dada-Surrealists who transformed the Paris art world during the ferment of the 1920's and beyond. This profile follows the creative genius from his youth in Brooklyn to his glory days in Paris and, finally, to his impact on future generations of artist in a variety of fields.

Matisse and the Fauves
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06 M4334
This program discusses the basic concepts of the Fauvist movement, characterized by vivid colors and free forms. Shows the developing use of bold, simplified brush work and brilliant, unnatural color in the work of Matisse, and examines the paintings of Derain, Vlaminck, Braque, Dufy, Marguet, and Rouault.

Cover Art
Matisse Voyages
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06 M4337
The film highlights Matisse's greatest works from his early canvasses to his involvement with the Fauvist movement, through his later works. Especially explores his use of color, letting it control all other components of painting - transforming the ordinary image into a work of art.

Michelangelo (Caprese 1475 -- Roma 1564)
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 M6234
This is a two-part series on the interpretation and critical analysis of the work of Michelangelo.

Cover Art
Michelangelo: Artist and Man
Call Number: [DVD] 920.02 M6235
He is one of the greatest artists of all time, a man whose name has become synonymous with the word masterpiece: Michelangelo Buonarotti. Creator of unparalleled works of art painted on canvas and plaster, carved in marble and built from stone, Michelangelo created a legacy of art treasured by the world: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the heroic marble sculpture of David, and the central plan for Saint Peter's Cathedral in Rome. Was he the tortured and lonely man who suffered agonies in pursuit of his art, as he is often portrayed?

Cover Art
Michelangelo Self-Portrait
Call Number: [DVD] 709.2 M6235
Nearly four decades after The Titan: Story of Michelangelo won the Academy Award for best documentary; Robert Snyder once again fixes his trademark verite lens upon the legendary artist whose story is told in his own words gleaned from Michelangelo's letters, diaries, poems, and contemporary biographers.

Cover Art
Return to Glory: Michelangelo Revealed
Call Number: [VHS] 759.5 R4394
In 1980 work began on the restoration of Michelangelo's frescoes in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. This is the exclusive film record of the first phase of the 12 year endeavor.

Cover Art
Miro: Theatre of Dreams
Call Number: [DVD] 709.04 M6762
The only Surrealist whose work survived in the face of new trends, Miro is shown here at age 85, working in his studio and embarking on an entirely new venture: an original theatrical production.

Cover Art
The Impressionists: Monet
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3443
It was Claude Monet's Impression: soleil levant which gave the impressionist school its name. Famed for seeing the subtle nuances of color, light and atmosphere in landscape, Monet's great works include Haystacks and Waterlilies. This program features footage from L'Orangerie and from Monet's house and gardens at Giverny plus special film shot at London's Savoy Hotel, from where Monet painted his famous views of London.

Cover Art
Monet: Legacy of Light
Call Number: [VHS] 759.4 M7425
Letters, journals, interviews and timeless images profile this Impressionist's lifelong quest to capture on canvas nature's kaleidoscope of light and color.

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Munch
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8576
In 1893 Edvard Munch created a masterpiece which has become a defining image of the 20th Century. The Scream is a picture whose sense of anguish reveals much about our own lives, as well as the life of the artist who created it.

Cover Art
Ben Nicholson, 1894-1982
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06 B4565
The film looks back on the life work of the man who, during the 1930's, jolted British art out of the doldrums. With his abstract style, Nicholson brought his country's tradition back into the mainstream of international development.

Cover Art
Georgia O'Keeffe
Call Number: [VHS] 759.13 G3523
This film explores the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Cover Art
The Mystery of Picasso
Call Number: [VHS] 709.54
This is an historical document exploring the mind and motivations of Picasso as he creates over 15 works before the camera.

Cover Art
Call Number: [DVD] 709.04 P5863
A close-up look at the life and works of Picasso. We see him creating art, often in his favorite places. It studies his relationships and his struggles as well as his influence.

Cover Art
Picasso: War, Peace, Love
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 P5867
This video deals with the works of Pablo Picasso from Guernica onward, showing photographs from several museums, galleries, and private collections.

Cover Art
The Impressionists: Pissarro
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3444
This is the story of the life and work of Camille Pissarro, the West-Indian born leader of the original Impressionists and the only artist from that school to exhibit at all eight of the exhibitions from 1874 to 1886. A considerable influence on Cezanne and Gauguin at the beginning of their careers.

Cover Art
Jackson Pollock: Portrait
Call Number: [VHS] 759.13 J133
Through interviews with his wife Lee Krasner as well as with critics and his contemporaries, the life and work of Jackson Pollock is thoroughly examined in this documentary.


General, by artist


Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 759.03 R2173 PTS 1-3
This three part series presents a reappraisal of Raphael's work in the light of ever-changing cultural values. It was shot on location in Urbino, Perugia, Florence and Rome, where the artist lived and worked.

Cover Art
Robert Rauschenberg: Inventive Genius
Call Number: [DVD] 709.2 R6424
This compelling film offers a rich mixture of visual images and engaging commentary that eloquently reveal the man behind the ingenuity.

Cover Art
Robert Rauschenberg: Man at Work
Call Number: [DVD] 709.2 R6425
The film looks at one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and includes Rauschenberg's autobiographical work, the multi-paneled 1/4 mile or 2 furlong piece, filmed at his Captiva Island studio.

Cover Art
The Impressionists: Renoir
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3444
Arguably the greatest of all the Impressionist artists, Pierre August Renoir's brilliant Le Moulin de la Gallette created immense controversy in its day. Famous for his use of hot reds, orange and gold to portray nudes in sunlight, Renoir's later life was blighted by arthritis, which crippled his hands.

Cover Art
The Frescoes of Diego Rivera
Call Number: [VHS] 751.73 F8843
This video explores Rivera's evolution as an artist, his use of the fresco technique and his politics. His frescoes unite themes of nature and revolution, drawing a parallel between the evolution of life and the struggle for human dignity.

Cover Art
Norman Rockwell: Painting America
Call Number: [DVD] 759.13 N8433
The film examines Norman Rockwell, "the artist of the people," using archival footage and visual images from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts; and featuring interviews with historians, critics, family, friends and admirers, this production gives an in depth look at the artist, his art and the Americana he created with his brushstrokes.

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Rousseau
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8577
Rousseau was a true amateur painter. His brightly-colored paintings of imaginary forests and wild animals lacked all formal

Cover Art
Betye and Alison Saar: Conjure Women of the Arts
Call Number: [VHS] 709.2 B5653
Mother and daughter artists demonstrate collaborative art, and the use of found objects in their work, and reflect on their relationship, motivation, and role as African-American women.

Cover Art
The Impressionists: Seurat
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I3446
This program is an entertaining and informative profile of Georges Pierre Seurat, the inventor of the technique known as Pointillism in which a whole picture is made up of tiny rectangles of pure color, which merge together when viewed from afar. Seurat completed only seven canvasses in this hugely complex technique.

Cover Art
Seurat: Point Counterpoint
Call Number: [VHS] 759.4 S4964
This program provides a close look at Seurat's pointillist technique and masterful draftsmanship.

Mert Simpson: the Artist, Spirit as Statement
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06 M5756
This is an interview with painter Mert Simpson.

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Toulouse-Lautrec
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8575
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was ultimately a tragic figure in the history of art. Crippled by an ill-proportioned body, he lived for just 36 years before the effects of alcoholism and syphilis took their final toll.

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists: Van Gogh
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 P8574
Van Gogh remains the ultimate example of the tortured artistic genius. His entire life was a struggle against poverty and mental disorder. But the hundreds of canvases that he painted prior to his death are today recognized as masterpieces.

Cover Art
Vincent van Gogh: a Stroke of Genius
Call Number: [DVD] 920.02 V7745
He created some of the most treasured paintings in history. But in his own lifetime, he was shunned by the artistic community and his works were virtually ignored. Get a comprehensive look at a life of passion, genius and determination that is often overshadowed by one tormented act. Get the real, complete story of why the painter cut off his own ear, but also explore the rest of his remarkable life, including his complicated relationships with women and his long partnership with his brother Theo. Take an up-close look at his greatest masterpieces, and examine their importance.

Cover Art
Andy Warhol
Call Number: [DVD] 709.04 A5777
Shows Warhol performing for the media in interviews ranging over 25 years and examines his artistic achievements in a career which spanned painting, film, publishing, rock music and television.

Cover Art
The World of Andrew Wyeth
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06 W9274
Filmed in Maine and Pennsylvania where Wyeth has spent his working life, this documentary is a relaxed and friendly interview, intercut with sensitive footage of Wyeth's work and of the landscapes and environmental images which are its inspiration.


Paintings by Period


Pompeii: City of Painting
Call Number: [VHS] 759.4 P7883
In one terrible day this prosperous ancient Roman city was buried when the volcanic Mt. Vesuvius erupted. The city's tragedy has given us a perfect record of the life and art of their time, as this program illustrates.


Paintings by Period


Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art: The Late Medieval World
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2573
This episode features the work of Masaccio, Uccello, Van Eyck, Giotto and Botticelli.


Paintings by Period


Cover Art
The Early Renaissance
Call Number: [VHS] 709.1 A7845
This program covers the revival and reinterpretation of the classical tradition in the works of Florentine artists Masaccio, Donatello and Ghiberti. It discusses how these artists exemplify the merging of Christian and humanistic values. The film also examines the realism of Jan van Eyck and the spiritual crisis of northern Europe as revealed in Gruenwald's Isenheim altarpiece. Also discusses the spirit of the Renaissance as reflected in Albrecht Durer's work.

Early Renaissance in Italy 1450-1500
Call Number: [VHS] 709.024 E127
This film features work of Paolo, Masaccio, Masolino, Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca, Filippo, Verrochio, Baldovinetti, Botticelli, Piero di Cosimo, Luca Signorelli, Andrea Mantegna, Antonello da Messina and Crivelli.

Cover Art
High Renaissance
Call Number: [VHS] 709.1 A7845
Covering key aspects of the High Renaissance, including the advent of the artist as genius (Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael), the rise of Rome as a center of artistic vitality and Venetian preoccupation with the quality of light (Giorgione and Titian), this film also examines the social turbulence of the late sixteenth century and the reinterpretation of classical architectural principles.

Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art: The Renaissance
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2574
This episode features the work of Leonard da Vinci, Raphael, Holbein and Michelangelo, and includes such masterpieces as The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and The Assumption.

Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci
Call Number: [DVD] 232.9 J585
Elizabeth Vargas explores these and other controversial theories about the lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who some scholars believe was not a prostitute, as she is often portrayed, but rather Jesus' wife and perhaps even the mother of his child. Vargas travels to the Holy Land, Italy, Scotland, France and other locations around the world to investigate what evidence exists to support some of these extraordinary claims in an effort to separate fact from legend.


Paintings by Period


Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art: The Baroque
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2575
Featuring the work of Velasquez, Caravaggio, Frans Hals, Rembrandt and Rubens, this entertaining and educational program also includes commentary and analysis by noted art historians.

Cover Art
Realms of Light: the Baroque
Call Number: [VHS] 709.1 A7845
This episode of "Art in the Western World" looks at Baroque painting.


Paintings by Period

Eighteenth Century

Cover Art
Age of Reason, an Age of Passion
Call Number: [VHS] 709.1 A7845
This program covers the transition from the Rococo period to Neoclassicism and Romanticism and relates stylistic changes to the French Revolution and the Napoleonic ward. It covers the work of David, Gericault, Turner, Delacroix and Goya.

Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art from Rococo to Revolution
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2576
This episode features the work of Watteau, Boucher, Hogarth, Gainsborough and Reynolds, exploring such masterpieces as the Rake's Progress and the Death of Marat.


Paintings by Period

Nineteenth Century

Cover Art
Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Call Number: [VHS] 709.1 A7845
This program contrasts Courbet's treatment of subjects from everyday life with the innovations and techniques used by the Impressionists in France, and examines the Impressionists characteristic concern with color and changing light and contrasts this with the very individualistic visions of the Post-Impressionists.

Cover Art
The Impressionists the Other French Revolution
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I345
The program tells the story of the first truly modern artistic movement, focusing on five of its most important practitioners, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Pissarro and Morisot.

Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art: Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Call Number: [DVD] 759.4 I345
The program tells the story of the first truly modern artistic movement, focusing on five of its most important practitioners, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Pissarro and Morisot.

Cover Art
Landmarks of Western Art: Romanticism
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2577
Romanticism has had a profound effect on the history of western art, and its effects are analyzed by leading art historians who add to our understanding of one of the most popular periods in art.

Cover Art
The Post Impressionists
Call Number: [VHS] 759.4 P8571
This series discusses the aims, influences and techniques of Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec and shows how the ideas and work of these artists led to different movements in modern painting.


Paintings by Period


Art Nouveau
Call Number: [VHS] 709.31
The film looks at one of the early twentieth century art movements.

Call Number: [VHS] 759.12
The film traces the development of cubism as a style of painting through works of the artists who experimented with it. Shows how interest in Cezanne's paintings led Picasso and Braque to experiment with pictorial arrangement and to develop both analytical and synthetic cubism. Includes the work of Gris and Leger and other artists who either adopted the cubist approach to painting or were influenced by it.

Cover Art
Cubist Epoch
Call Number: [VHS] 709.37
The film surveys cubist art in the context of its period by focusing on the cubist epoch exhibition originally shown at the Los Angeles County Art Museum and the Metropoitan Museum of Art and examines works by Picasso, Braque, Gris, Leger and others.

Germany Dada: an Alphabet of German Dadaism
Call Number: [VHS] 709.36
The film deals with aims and activities of the revolutionary group of artists and writers who made up the Dadaist movement in Germany.

Call Number: [VHS] 709.55
This video traces the development of the basically German expressionist movement which exaggerated both color and form to express emotional and psychological attitudes. It includes views of paintings by Munch, Kirchner, Heckel, Schmidt-Rottluff, Nolde, Pechstein, Kokoschka, Beckmann, Kandinsky, Marc and Klee

Expressionism, Abstraction
Call Number: [VHS] 759.06
This video compares and contrasts expressionism, as the distortion of form and color for emotional reasons, and abstraction, as the distortion of solid objects for design purposes.

Cover Art
In Our Own Time
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This film examines why the appearance of abstract expression caused the United States to become a center for the visual arts and reviews the diversity of styles in the postwar period, including the work of Pollock, Warhol and Oldenburg. It also examines the explosive internationalization of the art world in the 1970's and 1980's.

Cover Art
New Ways of Seeing: Picasso, Braque and the Cubist Revolution
Call Number: [VHS] 709.71
This video documents the extraordinary exhibition mounted by The Museum of Modern Art and presents a rare and provocative view of Cubism and the inspired collaboration of Picasso and Braque.

Into the Twentieth Century
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This episode covers the work of the Fauves, the Cubists, the International Style and the Surrealists.

Optical Painting
Call Number: [VHS] 701.04
The film presents works by two contemporary American artists - Alex Katz and Janet Fish - who paint everyday scenes: family, friends, ordinary objects.

Pop & Neo-Pop
Call Number: [VHS] 701.05
Depicts the work of three noted American pop artists based in New York City: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jack Goldstein.

Cover Art
Shock of Futurism
Call Number:
This documentary examines the least known and most extreme of all the 20th century Avant-Gardes, the Futurists, who developed many concepts and artistic principles.

Call Number: [VHS] 759.10
The mysterious faces of surrealism are studied in the works of Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Yves Tanguy, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Paul Delvaux.


Paintings by Museum Collections

20th-Century American Art Highlights of the Permanent Collection
Call Number: [VHS] 708.04
The film presents the dramatic story of American art in the twentieth century based on the exhibition on the third floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

Cover Art
Masterpieces of the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg
Call Number: [DVD] 708.7 H5545
This is a series of 18 half-hour programs focusing on the Hermitage Museum and its extensive collections of rarely seen treasures.

20th Century Art at the Metropolitan Museum
Call Number: [VHS] 708.03
Devoted to the inaugural installation of 20th century art in the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing at the Metropolitan Museum, Part 1 covers 1900 to 1940 and Part 2 covers 1940 to present.

Cover Art
The Louvre
Call Number: [DVD] 727.7 L8954
Before this film no one else was ever permitted to film inside the Louvre. Set against the panoramic history of France, the priceless treasures and incomparable art are shared through the eyes of award-winning filmmaker Lucy Jarvis.


Paintings by Geographic Region


Cover Art
African Art
Call Number: [VHS] 709.06
The video introduces noted experts who explain the importance of reappraising African art within its own cultural context.


Paintings by Geographic Region

Middle East

Assurnasirpal, the Assyrian King
Call Number: [VHS] 709.21
The video documents the Assyrian empire, highlighting Ninevah.

The Sumerian Kingdom of Ur
Call Number: [VHS] 709.22
The film examines the civilization of Ur as revealed through archeological discoveries.


Paintings by Geographic Region


Cover Art
Canal Boat to History
Call Number: [VHS] 709.10
This program delves into the problems of communication caused by China's vast size and diversity of landscape and shows how this has been reflected in Chinese art through the ages. From Shanghai, Edmund Capon journeys north, to the very cradle of Chinese civilization. He explores the three peaks of Chinese culture: the Bronze Age, the Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty and looks at their distinctive artistic achievements.

Cover Art
China and the World
Call Number: [VHS] 709.11
This program explores China's erratic and invariably difficult contacts with other cultures and ideologies, caused by both natural and cultural barriers, and how this isolation has allowed China to develop her own great and distinctive traditions in art. Edmund Capon looks at China's cultural evolution through 2000 years of trading and commercial contacts and considers some of the ideological influences that entered the country from the outside world.


Paintings by Geographic Region


Russian Avant-Garde
Call Number: Russian Avant-Garde
This program documents the achievements of the Russian avant-garde movement and the impact of the Russian Revolution, which at first nurtured modern art as an emblem of communist culture and then banned it in favor of socialist realism.


Paintings by Region

Latin America

The Walls of Mexico: Art and Architecture
Call Number: [VHS] 759.24
The video examines the wall paintings of some of the most famous Mexican muralists -- Diego Rivera, Juan O'Gorman and Jose Clemente Orozco


Sculpture, General

Cover Art
The Classical Ideal
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This program traces the origins of humanism and the classical style to ancient Greece and the genius of Roman engineering, architecture and portrait sculpture.

Sculpture and the Creative Process
Call Number: [VHS] 730.08
Demonstrates process of the sculpture of Dale Lamphere from thumb nail sketches in clay to the maquette and the armature and the sculpting of the finished work. Lamphere also provides an overview of the last wax casting process.


Sculpture by Featured Sculptor


Cover Art
Alexander Calder
Call Number: [DVD] 730.9 A3752
"Internationally acclaimed sculptor, Alexander Calder, invented an art form, the mobile, which incorporates motion into sculpture. Having created over 16,000 works of art, ranging from tiny mobiles that would fit in a matchbox to soaring monuments over seven stories high, Calder ranks as one of the twentieth century’s most important artists"

Calder's Circus
Call Number: [VHS] 730.10
The film documents the mobile that is the last major work by sculptor Alexander Calder, from idea through completion, and shows the collaboration of artist, architect, museum staff, and craftsmen in meeting the challenges posed in the fabrication of this complex work of art. Tells how it was the first work of art to be installed in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art.

Mobile, by Alexander Calder 1895-1976
Call Number: [VHS] 730.06
The film documents the mobile that is the last major work by sculptor Alexander Calder, from idea through completion, and shows the collaboration of artist, architect, museum staff, and craftsmen in meeting the challenges posed in the fabrication of this complex work of art. Tells how it was the first work of art to be installed in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art.

Cover Art
Call Number: [DVD] 748.2 C5345
This four disk set features an exhibition of the artist's works at the Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and at the Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel. It also features a collaboration with Venetian glassblowers Lino Talgliapietra and Pino Signoretto.

Cover Art
Dale Chihuly Glass Master
Call Number: [VHS] 709.94
The video shows Chihuly at work with his team of skilled glass artists creating the exquisite "Sea Forms," the brilliantly colored "Macchia" and the expressionistic "Soft Cylinders."

Cover Art
Eduardo Chillida
Call Number: [VHS] 709.87
A video documenting the lives of Gilbert and George, which focuses on their work "The Fundamental Pictures".

Cover Art
The Fundamental Gilbert and George
Call Number: [VHS] 709.96
A video documenting the lives of Gilbert and George, which focuses on their work "The Fundamental Pictures".


Sculpture by Featured Sculptor


Cover Art
Michelangelo Artist and Man
Call Number: [DVD] 920.02 M6235
He is one of the greatest artists of all time, a man whose name has become synonymous with the word masterpiece: Michelangelo Buonarotti. Creator of unparalleled works of art painted on canvas and plaster, carved in marble and built from stone, Michelangelo created a legacy of art treasured by the world: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the heroic marble sculpture of David, and the central plan for Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

Cover Art
The Mystery of Henry Moore
Call Number: DVD] 920.02 M6235
He is one of the greatest artists of all time, a man whose name has become synonymous with the word masterpiece: Michelangelo Buonarotti. Creator of unparalleled works of art painted on canvas and plaster, carved in marble and built from stone, Michelangelo created a legacy of art treasured by the world: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the heroic marble sculpture of David, and the central plan for Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

Cover Art
Nevelson in Process
Call Number: [VHS] 709.73
Louise Nevelson is seen creating two pieces of sculpture as she discusses her feelings for her art and the creative process.

Cover Art
Isamu Noguchi
Call Number: [VHS] 709.79
The video presents a look at the work of the sculptor.

Cover Art
David Smith: Steel into Sculpture
Call Number: [VHS] 759.01
This film presents a documentary portrait of sculptor David Smith, highlighting works from all periods of his life.



Contemporary Ceramics
Call Number: [VHS] 738.21
The film documents the contemporary ceramics exhibition featuring American ceramists.

Contemporary Ceramic Teapots
Call Number: [VHS] 738.10
American craft museum series.

Soup Tureens
Call Number: [VHS] 738.20
The film shows the soup tureens of seventy-five ceramicists in diversified styles ranging from the classical and Anglo-Japanese traditions to recent pop, sculptural and conceptual trends. Focuses chiefly on earthenware and stoneware.

Workshop Highlights on Ceramic Technique
Call Number: [VHS] 738.25
David Leach talks about and demonstrates the various techniques used to make pottery.

Rudy Autio Makes Night Music
Call Number: [VHS] 738.31
Autio, founder of the "Clay as art" revolution, is filmed in his studio making a sculptural vessel in ceramics.

Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist
Call Number: [VHS] 738.32
The video presents an introduction to the art work of internationally acclaimed potter, Toshiko Takaezu, in the form of both functional and sculptural ceramics.

Cover Art
Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada
Call Number: [VHS] 738.22
This documentary on the life of potter Beatrice Wood provides a glimpse into her life, loves and influences.


Architectural Sculpture

Cover Art
Realms of Light: The Baroque
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This program provides a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting and sculpture.

Cover Art
A White Garment of Churches: Romanesque and Gothic
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This program examines Romanesque and Gothic churches as evidence of the values of the societies that created them. Shows the effect of monasticism and pilgrimage on Romanesque church architecture. Uses Gislebertus’s sculpture at St. Lazare in Autun to show the medieval focus on heaven and the afterlife. The Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass at St. Denis and Chartres are discussed as evidence of a new theology and profound social changes during the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries.


Architecture, General Works

Cover Art
Architecture and Power
Call Number: [DVD] 720.4 A6733
It is a history of Bucharest, as seen in the light of the totalitarian architecture, having as a leading idea the reality that the power always exposes its purposes through architecture ... Architecture and Power’ does not intend to accuse the recent history, but to explain how ideology went into architecture mostly through the back door.

Architectures 1
Call Number: [DVD] 720.2 A6733

Architectures 2
Call Number: [DVD] 720.2 A6734

Architectures 3
Call Number: [DVD] 720.2 A6735
This is a series devoted to the most ambitious architectural creations of the 19th and 20th century, consisting of remarkable archive material, scale-models and interviews with some of the greatest architects of our time.

Bauhaus in Weimar, 1919-1925
Call Number: [VHS] 707.03
Until 1923, the Bauhaus was vulnerable to criticisms that it was too preoccupied with bizarre individualistic artistic expression and not with actual production. After 1923, the opposite view extablished itself. The Bauhaus was the first institution to apply itself singlemindedly to the problems of designing for industry.

Cover Art
Classical Ideal
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This program traces the origins of humanism and the classical style to ancient Greece and the genius of Roman engineering, architecture and portrait sculpture.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 642.02
This program combines location sequences and animation to show the building of historical and modern domes. Building small demonstrates the building of a geodesic dome by children using rolled up newspaper.

Home Sweet Home
Call Number: [VHS] 720.22
The video discusses aspects of homes of the future, including their design.

Cover Art
The Baroque
Call Number: [DVD] 709.1 L2575
Featuring the work of Velasquez, Caravaggio, Frans Hals, Rembrandt and Rubens, this entertaining and educational program also includes commentary and analysis by noted art historians of the Baroque and Neoclassical periods.

The Mathematics of Architecture: Building by Numbers
Call Number: [VHS] 720.16
This film demonstrates the application of mathematics to architectural designs, from Palladio’s harmoniously proportionate villas to the chaotic architecture of Parc de la Villette in Paris, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi.

Cover Art
Public Places and Monuments
Call Number: [VHS] 725.03
The film takes the viewer to the sites that are our common ground--the parks, monuments, civic centers, libraries and numerous other spaces and structures that bear witness to those values we hold as a people.

Cover Art
The Shape of the Land
Call Number: [VHS] 725.04
The film illustrates how farming and strip mining, bridges and irrigation projects--and, of course, our settlement patterns--have left their imprints on the shape of the American land mass. Sites visited, Yosemite National Park, East Bridge in St. Louis, Hoover Dam, Brooklyn Bridge and the waterways of the Tennesse Valley Authority.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 725.02
The film describes the history of American transportation systems from rivers to railways and from simple roads to high-speed interstate highways. Kostof strolls along such thoroughly American streets such as: "Main Street," "Millionaire’s Row," and "Elm Street."

Sustainable Architecture
Call Number: [DVD] 720.4 S9645
This video is an exploration of the elements of architectural design that work towards sustainability. There are sections on planning and design, basic building design, embodied energy and resources in buildings, heating, cooling and ventilation, lighting and infrastructure.

Call Number: [VHS] 725.01
This program focuses on farms, mills, factories, warehouses and office buildings, tracing the change that has taken place in these workplaces over the last three hundred years. Kostof visits the workplace creations of architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Kahn and Louis Sullivan.


Architecture by Period


Exploring the Egyptian Pyramids
Call Number: [VHS] 759.25
This documentary solves the mystery behind the construction of the pyramids of Egypt, and the culture that built them. This is done by archaeologists examining the wall paintings in the pyramids’ interior. The paintings also reveal much about the mummification of the pyramids dead inhabitants.

The Greek Temple
Call Number: [VHS] 709.34
The film deals with the construction of the Greek temple, focusing on the evolution of the structure and decoration of temples in Magna Grecia through the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian styles. Includes scenes of temples at Delphi, Paestum, Agrigento, Sounion and the Acropolis.

Nubia 64: Saving the Temples of Ancient Egypt
Call Number: [VHS] 962.01
The film explains how the temples of Nubia wre saved by a task force of specialists from all over the world and native laborers from being submerged under the waters of the Nile when the Aswan Dam was built.

Call Number: [VHS] 726.02
JCCC Professor Jim Jackson discusses the design, building, decoration and eventual destruction of the Greek temple dedicated to Athena.

Cover Art
Roman City
Call Number: [VHS] 945.03
Through a combination of documentary footage and animated story sequences, Roman City examines how cities helped maintain the Roman Empire. This program explores the role of the built environment in meeting and shaping people’s needs. In this live-action segments, Macaulay visits many sites throughout the former Roman Empire including the Colosseum in Rome, the Pont du Gard in France, and the ruins of Pompeii and explains how various structures were built and how they were used. The animated segments tell the story of the construction of a fictional Roman city in the newly conquered territory of Gaul, visualizing both the ingenuity of Roman technology and the resistance of the local inhabitants.

Cover Art
Rome and the Alban Hills
Call Number: [VHS] 945.01
The documentary features art and architecture of Rome, with insights into the ancient Roman world.


Architecture by Period


Cover Art
Fall of the Leaning Tower
Call Number: [VHS] 726.04
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a 14th-century architectural masterpiece and, to the engineers and architects responsible for keeping it from falling down, it is a monument to frustration. Although the problem is obvious, the solution is not.

Construction & Design of Gothic Medieval Cathedrals
Call Number: [DVD] 726.6 G6843
This film traces British Gothic architecture from William the Conqueror's introduction of Romanesque styles and his effort supplant Saxon influences to the most decorated of the Gothic cathedrals and abbeys in later centuries. Featured structures include the cathedrals of Winchester, Hereford, Gloucester, Wells, Exeter and Salisbury as well as Tintern, Malmesbury and Tewkesbury abbeys.

Cover Art
Gothic Cathedrals
Call Number: [DVD] 726.6 G6844
Stone by stone, uncover the mind-boggling truths behind the engineering marvels known as cathedrals - great testaments to faith that have remained virtually unchanged for over 900 years.

Pisa, Story of a Cathedral Square
Call Number: [VHS] 723.01
This documentary is a study of three centuries of architecture in Pisa from the year 1000 to 1300 A.D., noting the character of the buildings which reflect a sensitivity in adapting structural innovation to a homogenous whole.

Cover Art
A White Garment of Churches: Romanesque and Gothic
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This program examines Romanesque and Gothic churches as evidence of the values of the societies that created them. Shows the effect of monasticism and pilgrimage on Romanesque church architecture. Uses Gislebertus’s sculpture at St. Lazare in Autun to show the medieval focus on heaven and the afterlife. The Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass at St. Denis and Chartres are discussed as evidence of a new theology and profound social changes during the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries.


Architecture by Period

The Renaissance

Introduction to Renaissance Architecture
Call Number: [VHS] 724.05
JCCC Professor Jim Jackson discusses of the works of Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence, Italy.

Cover Art
Florence, Birthplace of the Renaissance
Call Number: [VHS] 945.04
This film shows how the city began, the people who contributed to its steady growth, how it came to be the "Birthplace of the Renaissance," and the many disasters that still could not destroy the strength of Florence.


Architecture by Period


Cover Art
Realms of Light
Call Number: [VHS] 709.69
This segment of Art of the Western World focuses on the Baroque as it surveys a panorama of 2000 years of architecture, painting and sculpture. Studies the art masterpieces as reflections of the Western culture that produced them.


Architecture by Period


Cover Art
Eiffel Tower
Call Number: [DVD] 725.97 E344
This historical tour of the world’s most fabled and famous tower begins with the engineer behind it, Gustave Eiffel. When it was first built, just over a century ago, it provoked outrage and ire. The challenges and breakthroughs of its construction are examined.

International Style
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 I615
The film traces the development, current application, and future of the international style of architecture. Features homes in Barcelona, Toronto and Calgary.

New Modernists, Nine American Architects
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 N5325
Nine American architects discuss the challenges of modern architecture.


Architecture Videos By Featured Artist

A - M

Le Corbusier
Call Number: [VHS] 724.03
The film deals with the life and works of the architect Le Corbusier. Explains his revolutionary ideas on architecture and urban renewal and shows their practical application in his most important buildings in Europe and Asia.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 720.17
This film discusses the noted Spanish architect of the twentieth century.

Frank Gehry Architecture in Motion
Call Number: [VHS] 720.14
Frank Gehry talks about the philosophy of his architecture and furniture design and explains the ideas behind his work.

Cover Art
Sketches of Frank Gehry
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 S6275
The film provides a look at the work of visionary, artist and well-known architect Frank Gehry.

Cover Art
Philip Johnson Diary of an Eccentric Architect
Call Number: [VHS] 720.11
Philip Johnson discusses various periods of his work from the Philip Johnson Estate, New Canaan, CT.

Cover Art
Maya Lin a Strong Clear Vision
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 M4663
This film reveals the origins of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and tells the story of its 21 year old creator, a Yale architecture student. Lin’s plan was selected from over 1,000 different designs. And what began as one of the country’s most bitterly disputed monuments became one of the world’s most inspirational and frequently visited memorials.

Cover Art
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Call Number: [VHS] 720.01
This highly individual architect took his inspiration from the very different sources of Japanese prints, Scottish tradition and organic natural forms, for a modern style well in advance of his time, rich yet simple.


Architecture Videos By Featured Artist

N - Z

Cover Art
First Person Singular, I.M. Pei
Call Number: [VHS] 720.12
I.M. Pei leads viewers through the Louvre and other examples of his extraordinary life’s work in architecture. He discusses his work in China, years at MIT, Harvard and work with demanding and well-known clients. Moreover, he reveals his innermost philosophy and principles as never before.

I. M. Pei
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 I343
With two full-length documentaries and a portofolio of twenty projects, this special edition DVD presents the life and work of one of the most inspired and inspiring architects of our time, I.M. Pei.

Carlo Scarpa
Call Number: [VHS] 720.15
Scarpa’s unique ability to successfully incorporate his own designs into historical renovation projects is shown at several locations, including the 15th-century Castelvecchio in Verona and Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo. Brion Memorial--one of the great enigmas of modern architecture--is examined as a hybrid of classical, abstract and Japanese architectural forms. In Venice, craftsmen and fellow architects fondly remember Scarpa’s endless experimentation with color and textures.

Cover Art
Soleri's Cities
Call Number: [VHS] 720.18
This portrait of Paoli Soleri that explores the possible impact of the architect’s revolutionary ideas. Soleri has designed and is attempting to build a prototype city of the future that goes beyond even the wildest imaginings of Frank Lloyd Wright. Will Soleri’s cities be the future habitats for humanity, or will they remain as blueprints of a visionary 20th-century designer?

Cover Art
The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
Call Number: [VHS] 720.03
This film includes extensive views of his works, photographed from a human perspective to create the sense of a personal tour.

Frank Lloyd Wright: American architect
Call Number: [VHS] 720.19
This is a brief biography of innovative architect Wright features his efforts to incorporate the environment in his designs.

Cover Art
Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heurtley House
Call Number: [DVD] 728.8 R4365
This videodisc chronicles the five-year restoration process on the Arthur Heurtley House.


Architecture by Region

Cover Art
Islam, Empire of Faith
Call Number: [DVD] 297.09 I823
The film documents the rise and growth of Islam throughout the world, from the birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century through the peak of the Ottoman Empire 1000 years later, and discusses the impact of Islamic civilization on world history and culture.

Japanese Architectural Design: East Meets West
Call Number: [DVD] 720.9 J355
This documentary is an examination of the development of Kyoto architecture during the last half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. Buildings examined include: Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall, Murin-an, the former JR Nijo Station, Gion-kaku Tower, Chochikkyo, Kyoto Kaikan Hall Annex, Kyoto Municipal Museum and Yasaka Kaikan Hall.

The Walls of Mexico: Art and Architecture
Call Number: [VHS] 759.24
The film looks at the wall paintings of some of the most famous Mexican muralists -- Diego Rivera, Juan O'Gorman, Jose Clemente Orozco -- and at the work of Luis Barragan, the greatest Mexican architect of this century.


Landscape Architecture

Cover Art
The Ming Garden
Call Number: [VHS] 708.06
The film shows the installation, by Chinese craftsmen, of a Ming-style garden in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These gardens have been constructed in China for hundreds of years and are renowned for their unusual rock sculptures and their elegant architectural and decorative elements.


Video Art

The Body as Matrix, Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle
Call Number: [DVD] 778.59 B6686
With the five-part Cremaster Cycle of films, multi-award-winning artist Matthew Barney invented a densely layered and interconnected sculptural world that surreally combines sports, biology, sexuality, history and mythology as it organically evolves. In this program, Barney, Guggenheim curator Nancy Spector and others deconstruct the Cycle's filming and subsequent translation into sculptural installations.

Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat
Call Number: [DVD] 778.59 E965
An acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and video artist, Iranian-born Shirin Neshat addresses the complex forces shaping the identity of Muslim women throughout the world and explores the social, political and psychological dimensions of women's experiences.

Gary Hill: Transcending the Senses
Call Number: [DVD] 778.59 G2446
In this program video artist Gary Hill uses a number of his pieces to investigate otherness and ambiguity, dislocation of the senses, the boundary between words and comprehension, the physicality of text and figurative interactivity.

Video Art
Call Number: [DVD] 778.59 V6525
Video art explores the relationship between video art and popular culture; making the distinction that video art is more than performance documented on video and usually has a complete lack of editing. All of the video clips are described as allegories of narrative.

William Kentridge: Art from the Ashes
Call Number: ___
Kentridge discusses the creative process of making his animated films, drawings and theatre work. Shows him in the final stages of animating "Stereoscope" and includes excerpts from various works. In his artistic works he has investigated the diseased, amnesiac consciousness of late and post-apartheid South Africa.


Land Art Arranged by Artist

Christo in Paris
Call Number: [VHS] 730.03
The video chronicles the struggle of the artist, Christo, to gain permission to wrap the Pont-Neuf in fabric for fourteen days. Shows the bridge as it was being wrapped and the reactions and dialog it inspired as a finished work of art.

Cover Art
Christo's Valley Curtain
Call Number: [VHS] 730.02
The film examines the construction of the Mammoth Valley curtain, a 500-foot-high veil stretched across Rifle Gap, Colorado by the Bulgarian artist Christo.

Cover Art
Call Number: [VHS] 730.05
This is a documentary of Christo's project to surround for two weeks several islands in Biscayne Bay in a pink plastic fabric. It includes footage of two other projects, the Pont Neuf and the Reichstag.

Cover Art
Running Fence
Call Number: [VHS] 730.04
This video follows the artist, Christo, through the concept, building and showing of his object d'art; a 24 mile long, 18 foot high fence of white fabric stretched across the hills of California. The project was conceived as a work of art for Sonoma and Marin counties and took nearly four years to complete. Once finished and after a period of time, the fence was taken down and the materials were given to the people whose land the fence was built on.

Cover Art
Rivers and Tides
Call Number: [DVD] 702.8 R6222
This documentary follows Andy Goldsworthy's bohemian free spirit all over the world as he demonstrates and opens up about his creative process. From his long-winding rock walls and icicle sculptures to his interlocking leaf chains and multicolored pools of flowers, Goldsworthy's painstakingly intricate masterpieces are made entirely of materials found in Mother Nature - who threatens and often succeeds in destroying his art, sometimes before it is even finished.

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