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Teaching Critical Thinking: So What Can I Do in My Classroom?

So what is "critical thinking" and how can we incorporate it into our teaching?

Teaching Strategies that Promote Critical Thinking

  • Ask students to summarize in writing and orally what the teacher or another student has said.
  • Ask students to elaborate on what has been said either by giving examples or using their own words.
  • Ask students to make connections between related concepts.
  • Ask students to state the most important concept of the class thus far.
  • Ask students to state the most confusing point of the class thus far.
  • Ask students to discuss any of the above with a partner for 30 seconds, and then ask them to participate in a class discussion.
  • Ask students to deliberate on real-life situations such a mock jury trials.
  • Ask students to write and/or present persuasive arguments that are data and evidence based.
  • Get students to debate content-related material.
  • Get students to keep a journal in their reactions and evaulations of what they read for class
  • Created problem-solving exercises and get students to work collaboratively.
  • Give students essays to write that ask them to interpret, synthesize, analyze and evaluate material.

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