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Guide for directing users to key, accepted business resources at Billington Library for researching industries in terms of trends, competition, challenges, opportunities, or performance.


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The JCCC Billington Library offers many standard, wide-ranging, vetted information resources covering all business/economic topics, business news, reports and scholarly subject research.


This guide addresses accepted business resources most essential to use in doing industry research.  Its contents while definitive to purpose is neither comprehensive of all possible business resources nor fixed in time as new information will be added/deleted as necessary.  It is designed to introduce standard information resources and to get a business student industry researcher started in the right direction.

Questions???   Feel free to contact the Library or myself about our resources, what they do or do not cover, and most importantly how to search & extract relevant content.  Keep in perspective our database offerings draw their content information from many diverse, external third party sources; they themselves do not create content.

CaveatOff -campus use of our electronic databases is restricted to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students at JCCC.  This requirement is apart of and by contract with our database vendors.  Access requires authentication using your JCCC user ID and your password.

Searching Billington Library's catalog for library owned materials is freely accessible by anyone and does not require user authentication.

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