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Embedding Library Resources into Canvas: Permalinks

Permalinks Explained

What is a permalink?

A permalink is a direct URL to a resource that will allow you and your students to get back to it easily at any time.  These are also known as:

  • Persistent Links
  • Stable URLs
  • Bookmark URLs
  • Permanent Links
  • Direct URLs
  • Document URLs
  • Durable Links
  • Title URLs


How is it different from the URL in the address bar at the top of my browser?

The URL in the address bar may not have all of the inforrmation needed to work later. This is especially true with library resources.  Many online databases will provide a permanent link because of this. This link is usually available at the bottom of an article or video.




Create a Permalink

Some of our databases use permalinks that include a long, strange looking string of information in front of the actual URL. If, however, that information is NOT included in the permalink, you'll need to include it yourself. This ensures that students who are off campus are routed through our services, are asked to log in with their JCCC credentials, and can then, legally, access the document. Simply copy and paste the following in front of the article's URL (only if it's not already there!):



To convert a URL, type (or copy and paste) it into the form and then click on the View Link button.


Permalink Examples

Want more information about permalinks for specific databases?

Visit my page on Permalink Examples.