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Embedding Library Resources into Canvas

Info on using the Canvas Commons, permalinks, using library tutorials, sharing videos and more.


If you find an article in Summon, you can copy the link within the result for sharing or embedding:


Reasons you might want to do this:

  1. Links can change at the database level, but Summon re-indexes to correct these changes. Your link should work as long as the library subscribes to its destination.
  2. No editing of the link to use.

Reasons you might be hesitant:

  1. The link will take you to Summon, making one extra click for your students.
  2. They'll be prompted to login if off campus AFTER their first click, whereas editing a database link with the proxy will prompt them to login immediately.



BrowZine has many options that make their persistent links desireable:

  1. Link to a collection of journals by topic or sub-topic
  2. Link to a specific journal
  3. Link to an individual article
  4. The persistent links can be shared outside of just JCCC.

To copy a specific article link, choose Share in the article's options.

to share an article with a persistent link, select share, and then select Copy Link to Article.

You may hesitate to use BrowZine:

  1. BrowZine is ideal for browsing. If you found a subject, periodical, or article while browsing, copying the link is a great way to share. Also, if you already know a specific article that exists, it is easy to navigate to its location (Title > Year > Volume > Issue > Article). It is not, however, capable of doing a keyword search like within databases or Summon. 
  2. Though you can share the links outside of JCCC, users will need to be associated with an institution that is using BrowZine. The customer, base, though, is quite vast.