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Open Educational Resources are an option supported at Johnson County Community College. Learn more about OER and related resources here.

JCCC supports the inclusion, creation, and contributions to Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are materials that are not only freely available to students, but are licensed to be freely shared without permission. Resources including (but not limited to) videos, textbooks, lesson plans, and slideshows are created and shared for the purposes of Open Access and reducing fiscal burdens on students.


OERs fit naturally into the culture of JCCC, which supports both Open Access of materials and  the traditional "open access" mission of community colleges. OERs help remove barriers for any person seeking higher education.


For further inquiry or support in utilizing or integrating OER resources, please contact the OER Advisory Committee, Educational Technology, or the Billington Library.

Where to Start want to use OERs. 

1. Start by finding some resources. Search for content from our recommended databases or hit the internet to familiarize yourself with what's available. 

2. Evaluate what you find. Find more information on evaluating to see if the resources are right for your course in our Implementing OER guide (you'll find it in the menu on this page). 

3. Look for support. Contact the OER Taskforce, inquire about grants or initiatives, let Faculty Development find educational opportunities for you.

4. Get library help. Contact the library to:

  • discover more resources for your course;
  • get clarification on copyright;
  • redistribute or share what you found or created.